Who Wants To Go On a Cruise?

The cruise industry was hit hard during the pandemic. Luckily, it did not stay down and has picked itself back up. More and more people are traveling, and ships have been getting packed. Like any business, not every customer is the same. In my time at Royal Caribbean, I have been able to identify the different types of customers that have been going on our cruise ships. As far as I have seen, the ones who travel go in groups, I have yet to see people that go alone so my segmentation will focus on different types of groups.  I have been on these ships in the past two months and have been able to identify these groups. These two groups are family groups and friends’ groups. Each one has its own unique qualities but also shares a common ground.

Family groups are probably the most popular among Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Even more so than the friend’s group. Family groups on average are in groups of five. They typically travel to places with warm weather such as Coco Cay, Nassau, and any other tropical environment. They also typically go for cruise ships that contain more family attractions, such as Freedom of the Seas, Allure of The Seas, and Symphony of the Seas. The bigger ships are typically the ones that family groups are most attracted to. They also like to spend a lot of time in areas with water activities, such as slides.

Friends’ groups are more interested in adult activities. They enjoy cruise ships that have a lot of nightlife, especially casinos. The most popular ships among these groups are Ovation of the Seas, Anthem of the Seas, and Quantum of the Seas. These ships also have more sophisticated bars, made for adults that travel without kids. Ships like these take this group to places like Australia and Alaska. Both are very different climates but very in demand for these people. These voyages typically last about a week.

These two groups of customers are very popular among cruise lines and despite their differences, they do share some similarities. They are both fans of the drinks package that is offered by the cruise line. Both groups are also usually repeated customers. As I work longer in the cruise industry, I will be able to learn more about these customers and discover new groups interested in cruising around the world. Luckily, the cruise industry has continued to grow since the pandemic halt, and there are many more surprises that Royal Caribbean will be bringing to the world.

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