Aim for the Eyes

Humans have five senses but there is one that every marketer focuses on the most: sight. Your eyes are what marketers go for. They want you to see them. To see that they exist, to see that they have something to offer you. Marketers want to be seen and they will use numerous ways to make sure that your eyes are looking at them. The main ways that companies catch people’s eyes are through videos and pictures.

A Black Target and Mouse

A picture by itself can truly be worth thousands of words. But the words it can say depend on a variety of factors. If the ad contains bright colors, it provides a positive environment. Whereas dark ones can create a serious atmosphere. If Chuck E. Cheese used black and gray colors to fill in the letters on their sign, I am sure no parent or child would feel very warm. Let me provide a clearer image. Red is a color often associated with love and passion. That is why Target uses it. If you were to draw the Target Logo and use Black instead of Red, it is going to feel different. Something deep inside is going to be off. No matter what we are taught in school, we do judge a book by its cover. Marketers know it and that’s why they try to make sure that the cover of their book is ravishingly attractive.

A Book Judged by Its Cover

What we see is often the starting point for what we think. If you see the pizza delivery guy sneezing all over the boxes, your image of the brand just went downhill. Attracting the eye of a customer is a science. That’s why it is crucial to understand color psychology, vectors, frames, contrasts and anything that involves the sense of sight. Marketing departments and companies spend so much money on trying to figure out what colors and what angles would make a person notice them because it all matters when it comes to getting all eyes on them.

Aim for the Eyes

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