The Proper Analytical Tools: Use Them or Lose Them

The Proper Analytical Tools: Use Them or Lose Them

The gathering of data is fundamental in creating the proper marketing strategy to accomplish a goal. There are many tools available today that can help any marketer monitor successfully retrieve any information they need to successfully launch a campaign or increase the traffic to their website. It is all about properly analyzing the data and making the necessary adjustments to attract the right target audience. Throughout certain A/B. tests and small ad campaigns that I launched; I was able to. Use three different marketing tools, that provided me with plenty of information for me to attract the right people to the right ad. These three marketing tools are Google Ads, YouTube Studio, and Instagram Insights. All of these are free to use and have been used by many well-known companies such as Amazon an eBay

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytical tool that is unlike any of the ones I previously mentioned because it is not formatted for only one social media platform. Before setting up your ad campaign, it provides you with the option to choose what the purpose of your campaign is, such as increasing traffic or views. It can be applied to your company website for a funnel analysis or to track the number of sales. It can also be used for video ads that are posted to YouTube. By this, I mean that it will not only tell you how many views and reactions your video gets on the site, but also how many proceed to go to your website afterwards. Google Ads is used by numerous well-known companies that have spent billions to collect the right information. Companies like Amazon, Progressive, JCPenney and many more.

How to Get Actionable Data from Google Analytics in 10 Minutes

YouTube Studio

YouTube has its very own analytical tool which allows you to closely track the audience attracted by your videos. Unlike Google Analytics, this tool is solely for YouTube videos. If your video is not posted on YouTube, no analytics will be provided. One feature that I found most useful was that it allowed you to see up to what point of your video people would stop watching. This would allow you to see what exactly caught your audience attention before they chose to leave your video. This can be used to adjust any videos and create the right content that will help your audience receive the entirety of your message.

YouTube Studio updated the mobile app, adds returning audiences and new  metrics along with 'Top videos growing your audience' listing / Digital  Information World

Instagram Insights

            Instagram shares certain qualities with YouTube Studio in that it is only applied on Instagram. Instagram requires constant and engaging content to attract more viewers and therefore a higher click through rate. Instagram provides numerous engaging content such as quizzes, surveys, questionnaires, and many other tools that can be used to get people to participate and socialize. It’s the perfect place to post a picture that says a lot with a few words. Instagram provides business accounts (not personal ones) with insights such as demographics and insights that allow the marketer to see what is working and what is not. It tells you if people are participating more on your stories or on your posts and what activities are getting more attention. Many businesses provide links on the Instagram accounts to their websites to drive traffic and make sales. Companies like Etsy and Shein provide their links on their account and have been able to increase their sales because of it.

How to Use Instagram Insights to Accelerate Your Growth

There are many analytical tools out there that can be useful to any marketing campaign. So far, these have been the top 3 that I have had the benefit of working with and that have given me great results. As I mentioned, Fortune 500 companies have also used these tools and have seen the rewards that have come from it. It all comes from analyzing the right data and putting it to good use. Focus on trends and constantly monitor any new information that comes in.

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