The First at Being First: A Branding Master

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Royal Caribbean has made. A name for itself throughout the world. It works nonstop to improve its brand and come out on top of its competition. Creating a strong brand is something that they work tirelessly to accomplish. Its success has not come from simply standing around and thinking they are the best. They are constantly asking themselves “What’s Next?” Royal has broken numerous records, including the largest cruise ship, but their efforts do not stop there. Simply because one record has been broken, it does not mean that there is nowhere else to go It is a company that is constantly looking into the future. If it does not adapt or stay relevant, it risks losing the strength of its brand. They have been able to run various marketing campaigns, one of my personal favorites being “The Sea is Calling.”

The Sea is Calling

One of the best ad campaigns I have seen was done “The Sea is Calling.” Its posters and billboards were strategically placed, and its target audience was easily identifiable in its videos. Many of these ads were placed in locations with the opposite of tropical weather, such as New York. They were attempting to get people unfamiliar with the ocean, to come and experience it first-hand. They were trying to not only provide a trip but an experience that would take them to a place filled with adventure, and Royal Caribbean was the right company to take them there. The ads were perfectly showing people that Royal Caribbean was there to provide them with an adventure to any place they wanted, where they could feel the ocean and sunlight. marketing-campaign

More Branding Tactics

Royal Caribbean wants people to know that they are a brand that is constantly coming up with new ideas. Just because they provide a good quality service, it does not mean that there is no room for improvement. On the contrary, enough is not enough. Royal holds records such as the tallest observation deck on a ship, and the first ice rink in the sea. News of record-breaking keeps them popular and in today’s topic. If they hold all the records in the world, they will figure out ways to break their own. cruise/

As you can see, Royal Caribbean works hard to create a strong brand. They work hard to create a positive image in the mind of their customers and potential customers. Even if your company is not a billion-dollar company, that does not mean that you can’t use some of their tactics. First, it’s important to stay relevant. Follow what’s popular, listen to your customers, and see what else they want. Just because your business is doing good now, it doesn’t mean it cannot be doing better. The key is to listen to your customers and adapt.

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