Tell Your Customers What To Do or They Won’t Do It

The customer journey towards purchasing a good or service is a rocky road. Customers could easily lose interest or look for a different product if their journey is not suitable for them. Sometimes, customers need an extra nudge to get them to finally make a purchase. Therefore, marketers need to provide a call to action on their ads to move their customers down the sales funnel. CTA’s are not always used specifically to make a customer make a purchase. It can be used to provide them with the information they need to come to a decision before they make a purchase.

CTA’s on Instagram

During. My free time, I have been able to put CTA’s to good use on my Instagram account, specifically the one for my hobby of writing film reviews. I like to hear what people think and if they agree with me, so I began to look for ways to convince people to comment on my reviews and let me know what they thought of the movie. The solution was simple, tell them to do so. Once I began to post on my stories “Comment Your Thoughts,” comments on my posts increased by 65%. This method not only got me more impressions, but it was helping me create a community on my profile, where people could gather and provide their opinions on movies. Of course, I made sure there were no insulting comments.

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CTA’s to Place On Ads

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You’re Not Pushy

Providing a call to action does not make you come off as pushy. Instead, it can potentially provide an objective to a potential customer. Sometimes, customers are not aware of what to do next or where they can get more information. Don’t be afraid to tell them where to find it. It is literally a win-win situation. Sales increase by 83% when the correct call to action is placed in the correct ad. That means business is increasing and there are more chances for creating customer loyalty.

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