Qualitative Data: The 1000 Words That Paint a Picture

Never underestimate the power of qualitative data. The benefit of it is that the researcher can easily understand the information provided to them, without having to spend so much time decoding what the data means. This method best works when you are trying to get a deeper understanding of what a customer thinks of your brand. It also helps with identifying the perceived brand image. Rather than designating a number to define your brands likeability, the group that your studying can provide you with a detailed description of their views and opinions. A customer might reveal what it is that they like or dislike and what activities might create a negative picture in their minds.

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Form a Hypothesis

Even though identifying the research problem is an important first step in the research process, I found it beneficial to also create a hypothesis. While conducting a research study, I hypothesized that students in my school believed that their college was expensive. After I conducted the research, I found out that the results were completely different. It turns out that students who attended FIU were happy to attend there because it was cheaper than most schools and provided a good education. Creating this hypothesis provided a comparison. Companies might sometimes think that the best/differentiating qualities of their product are one thing, when, it is another. If you look back a few years, Nokia thought that the iPhone was no competition for them since the prices were so high and Nokia’s were so low. I dare you to find a person that has a Nokia now. 

Qualitative Questions to Ask About Brand Image

  1. If you share your concern with a company or leave a negative review, do you feel like the company listens to you?
  2. What led you to try this brand out for the first time?
  3. Did the prices match your expectation for the quality of product/service?
  4. If you ever have a bad experience, would you give them a second chance or would you no longer come back?

Reviews as Qualitative Research

One form of qualitative research that more companies need to engage is analyzing their reviews. Reviews are just a constant flow of information that provide a company with the opinions and perceptions of their customers. Listening to customers is what allows a company to succeed. 84% of customers trust online reviews. The best way to know what they want or expect is to listen to them and respond. Qualitative research might be difficult to turn into statistical data, but its importance is not diminished. 


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