Pushing Your Ads Through Google Ads

Get the help you need

In my own professional opinion, creating an ad is the least complicated part of an ad
campaign. The hard part comes when you need to put it out there and you need the right people
to notice it. Driving traffic to your videos or websites will require a competitive edge that will
allow the ad to differentiate itself from all others. My recommendation is to use Google Ads to
improve your campaigns and deliver your ads to the right target audience. It quickly provides
you with the data that you need to make any necessary adjustments and measure its success.
Google Ads can be used for more than just video ads. It can assist you with increasing traffic to
your site, increasing sales and even social engagement. The most important thing is to know
what your goal is and choose the option that will best help you with that. If you want to
customize your campaign, you are more than welcome to.

Do a Test Run

For anybody that might not be too sure on how to use Google Ads I would advise that
you do a test run. Make a very simple ad, maybe a 10 second informative video on your phone,
set a $10 budget, and launch the campaign. As the campaign runs, take the time to go through the
page of your campaign and study the different features and options as well as the data it
provides. That is how I began to learn more about it and I have begun to use it on my projects.
Once I created my first official project, there were many tools that it provided to me that I found
especially beneficial:

  • Demographics
  • % Of viewers that finished watching the video
  • Views
    The current market is flooded with countless forms of advertisement, and sources of information
    can become lost. It’s important to find the best way possible to get the right people to see your ad
    so that both can benefit from it. Google Ads is a good way to go and the better you understand it,
    the better off you will be

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