Personal and Professional Brands: Tell them apart

The way you create your professional and personal brand are very different. When creating your professional brand, you are trying to get other professionals and people in your field of study, to recognize you as a credible and competent person. When it comes to your personal brand, you are socializing amongst people outside of the workplace who are trying to get to know the side of you that does not involve work. Every person has these two types of brands. These brands are created in different ways and for different purposes.

Professional Brand

A professional brand has a different end goal than a personal one. When going to an interview, you will probably direct the interviewer’s attention towards your education, work experience and work ethics. You might even dress in a more formal manner. These are qualities that build a professional brand. This kind of brand can also be marketed on digital platforms, such as LinkedIn. In this platform, you will be able to display your knowledge in your field of study in a variety of ways. Your posts, your bio, and your headshots will give a potential employer an idea of who you are, before they decide to meet you. Professional brands have a different target audience as well. You typically want employers, employees, and companies to be aware of your professional brand.

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Personal Brand

Your personal brand is directed at those that you know outside of your professional brand. This typically includes your friends, family, and anyone you choose to socialize with in a non-professional manner. Your personal brand is typically highlighted on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. When creating this brand, you show off your hobbies and personal interests. People get to know more about your personal likes and dislikes and see who you are, outside of the workplace.

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Look into Your Teachers Brands

If you ever have trouble figuring out the differences between the two brands, take the time to look at your teacher’s social media accounts. That is exactly what I did. In my research, I learned that my teachers had a completely different side to them, outside of the classroom. My former marketing Professor, known for being a strict man, would travel with his family all the time and post pictures with a very natural smile. Teachers are the perfect example to show that every person has two brands. Take the time to research the brands of people you know and begin to work on your own. Employers will always look at both brands, so make sure they have the right perception of you.

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