Make the World Better to Make Your Brand Better

As a consumer, I like to make sure that the company that sells me a product/service, is doing something to make the world a better place. It really makes me feel more connected to the company and creates a positive image of them in my mind. They have been able to gain my loyalty. I am not the only one that has this mentality. According to a Forbes article written by Solitaire Townsend “88% of consumers want you (companies) to help them make a difference.” Consumers like me and many others want to know that the money we spend is being used to make the world better. It betters the relationship with customers that eventually lead to loyalty and new customers.

Zoo Miami (My Favorite Zoo)

I consider myself to be an animal lover. I love to purchase from companies that are doing something to help endangered species or habitats that are in trouble. Zoo Miami sends me emails asking for donations. However, they tell me what is going on and what they want the money for. In early September, they sent me an email explaining to me how a 2-year-old Koala named Hope had passed way. And that her test results didn’t get to them on time and that she was born during the time of the Australian fires and it was a very sob story that really connected. At the end, they asked for donations to help endangered species. It was hard for me not to cave so I donated. They gave their purpose and their intent, and I knew that the money I gave was going to do something good. And that is how you make a stronger impact in the mind of consumers

What to Do

I provide my perspective as a consumer because if I was able to be captivated by this marketing tactic, the that means many others have done so as well. Zoo Miami has a strong brand image in my mind, as I am sure it does in the mind of others, because rather than simply function as business, it engages in ethical activities. It has been studied and proven that people are more likely to buy from companies that engage in ethical activities. It is also important to show why the company is choosing to help. Below are ways to show how you can show that your company is serious about a cause:

  • Convince your employees to volunteer their time to helping the cause of your choosing
  • Create fundraising events in certain communities to bring more attention to the problem
  • Explain what you have accomplished since you began to help

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