Looking Inside: How Employees Are Part of the Brand

It takes a lot of work to create a strong and memorable brand. While many companies may seek to draw people’s attention towards a product or service, it is important to remember that a company’s employees are also part of its brand. A company cannot succeed without its employees doing their part to project the right image. If an employee is impolite to a customer, that customer has ruined the positive feeling it once had. An employee represents your brand. They need to project the company’s beliefs in their actions.

A Good Employee Makes a Good Brand

An employee reflects a company’s morals. If the employee chooses to be rude to a customer and is not reprimanded, then the customer can assume that the only thing the company is interested in is money. Should a company hire a person that knows how to properly deal with an unsatisfied customer, then one can safely assume that the company cares about their customers feeling. It is not just a transaction, but a partnership. An employee has the power to change the mind of anyone regarding a company’s brand. Should they provide a good quality service, the brand image will be positive.

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True Story

While working in a hotel restaurant in Miami Beach, I was able to understand the importance of an employee on the company’s brand. There was a guest that had complained that she had received terrible service during her stay and that she did not want to return. The entire hotel knew about it. Even though she was extremely unhappy, she had about two days left of her stay. One of my coworkers took it upon herself to help this guest. Even though my coworker worked in the restaurant, she behaved as a concierge and helped the guest by recommending tourist attractions, and other places to visit. She was even able to contact other employees in the hotel and ask them for help to help this customer. At the end of her stay, this customer was beyond impressed and praised my coworker, along with the hotel, for a great time. She became a repeat customer.

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How to Make Sure Your Employees Fit Your Brand

  • Hire people who have worked or studied in the same industry
  • Clearly state to your employees what your brand is and how to project it
  • Explain the company motto
  • Reprimand any employees that are rude to customers
  • Provide Incentives and rewards to those that succeed above and beyond

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