Learn How To Segment Your Audience

The purpose of market segmentation is to divide the target audience among their similarities to deliver the right message in a personalized manner to a large number of people. Using demographics for segmentation is not ideal because it does not provide a deep insight into a customer journey from before they even make a purchase. Using customers’ needs and attitude gives us a better understanding of how customers behave. Understanding their behavior better allows marketers to deliver the right message at the right time. 

Amazon’s technique for segmentation goes beyond demographics. As an Amazon Prime member, I have been able to see firsthand how they create ads in a more targeted way. This kind of segmentation goes beyond simple demographics and gender they send ads specific to each person based on their purchase history, searches, and wish list. Getting a better understanding of your target audience requires more specific information. Demographics do not provide a personal story of the customer or give you specific information on that customer’s behavior. Customers are more prone to responding to ads that feel like they are more personal to them. For example, a pizza place that is focused on having pizza for people with dietary restrictions can’t just advertise by demographics because it is too broad and they will not reach the intended target. Instead by focusing on behavior, they will quickly reach those that have a dietary restriction.

 Consumers need to know that a message is being delivered to them. That means that the marketer must cater to the right message to not only attract the audience but get them to understand that the company is reaching out to them. The more personalized and specific the message is, the better. 

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