Creating a Professional Brand on LinkedIn

Creating a professional brand means using the appropriate channels to create the persona that you want others to see perceive you as. One of the best ways to do this is by using a social media platform that allows people to see what makes you so qualified. One of the best tools for this, is LinkedIn. It is unlike other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. It focuses on getting people to connect with one another in order to find perspective employers or employees. It can also be a place to learn more about your career fields from people who have had many years of experience. Building your professional brand on LinkedIn requires more than just pointing out where or what you studied. You need to show what you have learned and what you have accomplished. Your will succeed in creating your professional brand if you work in two areas of your account: your bio and your posts


Your Bio

Consider your Bio as your introduction. Imagine meeting someone for the first time and wanting to impress them. Your bio should only have two sentences dedicated to your education. After that, all you should be talking about are your accomplishments. Accomplishments don’t necessarily have to be awards. They can be ideas that you came up with or skills that you have learned while working in your current or previous jobs. Your Bio should clearly state what area you are looking to work in or are currently working in. The Bio section of your profile will set the mood for what will come after. People who come across your profile will get a glimpse of who you are by looking at your bio. I recommend making the section no longer than two paragraphs.


Your Posts

This is the section that will get people to know you better. The pillars for your professional brand are your posts. LinkedIn is not the type of place to post pictures with your family or of your dog. Graduation pictures or pictures at award ceremonies are perfectly acceptable. Anything posted there should only be the benefit of your professional brand. Your posts are the perfect way to display your knowledge in the field you are interested in. As a marketer, many of my posts involves my thoughts on current ad campaigns and ideas for marketing tactics. Some people might agree, some people might not, but I am always willing to have a discussion. If someone teaches me something then that’s great. If I can teach them, then that is even better. If you think have an idea or thought that might help someone that comes across your account, don’t be afraid to do so.

Ideas about what to Post:

  •  Thoughts about a current event related to what you are interested in.
  •  Mentioning a new skill, you learned and the situation that made you adapt.
  •  Talking about what inspired you to work or look for work in a certain area.
  •  Videos that show you talking about a subject related to what you work in.

Be a Teacher

After looking into some profiles of people that had high level jobs and very professional brand, I realized that they would all take the time to teach. Some of them were college professors, but others would have podcasts and make posts that would benefit anyone who would listen to them They took the time out of their lives to educate others about what they have learned and how they can improve. Part of creating a professional brand on LinkedIn won’t only be about posting things that can make you look good, but posting things that will educate others.

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