Better Your Brand for A Better Career in Marketing

When looking for a job in marketing, it is important to make sure that you are marketing yourself correctly and that you have the right qualifications for the job. If you are considering looking for a job in marketing or advertising, there are certain skills that you should work on and add to your resume. With the skills that I am about to discuss, you will become a much more likely candidate for a marketing position and stand out above other candidates. I say this from my own experience and what I learned while looking for a job in marketing. I was able to understand what marketing firms are really looking for and practice these skills until I got the job I wanted. Before I list these skills, it would also help to create a portfolio of your work to present them to any potential employers.

Practice Your Social Media Analytical Skills

            Social media is the backbone of many businesses today. It’s a powerful marketing tool that allows businesses to reach people from different demographics and different audiences. Having experience in marketing through social media is something that firms look at in a very positive way. Initiating a marketing campaign on social media does not require you to have a large budget. You don’t even have to be trying to sell something. You can market your blog about political views or reviews about the music being released today. If you have a hobby, create a YouTube channel or Instagram account dedicated to that hobby. Create a marketing plan with a clear marketing goal stated and accomplish that goal. Afterward, save your results and your marketing plan into a portfolio to share during an interview.

Practice Some Skills on Creative cloud

            Creative Cloud provides a set of applications that allow people to edit videos and pictures. It is the place to go for any graphic designer. Although you might not be looking for a career in graphic design, it is very beneficial to have a basic understanding of these applications and develop something that shows your familiarity with it. Marketing involves many activities, sometimes it includes graphic design. Having some experience can really broaden your horizons and show employers that your skills in marketing are not limited. Applications such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro are used quite often when creating ads, whether it’s static images or videos. The applications have tutorials that help anyone practice their skills. Once again, create a portfolio of the things you create to prove your experience.!3085!3!449365418353!e!!g!!adobe%20cc%20creative%20cloud!151098760!109927013652&gclid=CjwKCAiAo4OQBhBBEiwA5KWu_493tlXhKMgjVjLau9HxY84KsW6UqKKHSCcMX2JjJwiTAPIZw1JXnRoCDn8QAvD_BwE

            While looking for my first job in marketing, I saw that these were the things that really attracted marketing firms. While many of them seek experience, the experience can come in different forms. If you have not worked for a marketing or advertising firm, there are still ways t gain experience. The key is to practice on your own and conduct your own research and experiments. Creating a portfolio is very crucial to show that you are indeed competent.

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