An iPhone Can Do That?

In 2021, Apple has been able to claim 23.4% of the market share in smartphone sales worldwide. Some of their success is credited to their ability to create engagement among their loyal customers. Apple invokes various strategies to accomplish these goals. They focus on brand reputation, and loyalty and want people to know that they offer something truly unique. They are no strangers to using social media as a way of helping their brand. To many Apple users, and even some non-Apple users, the word “shot on iPhone” reminds us of a very interesting technique that Apple uses to create engagement on social media and create ads.

            While most companies focus on creating their ads, Apple decided to think outside of the box and let their customers make the ads for them. They would encourage iPhone users to take pictures or create videos on an iPhone and share their results on Twitter or Instagram. Whichever the company liked the most, they would put on billboards, Apple stores, and in other ads. Apple could easily make an ad, telling people how great their new phone is. But their original idea, got loyal customers to show the world how great their products are. Also, rather than bragging about themselves like any other company, normal people were able to do it for them. By using customers, they were able to build more credibility for their products, seeing as how the people using their iPhones are not paid marketers for the company.

            Apple was able to create engagement by giving its consumers a chance to be recognized and put their pictures out there. Successfully creating engagement keeps a company trending and popular. The popularity of social media can and should be used for the benefit of a company. Asking customers to tag your company or taking a picture of your location for a potential reward motivates people to participate.  People are more encouraged to engage on social media if they can win something or even help a good cause. Study your customers’ likes and dislikes, that way, you can create the kind of content that gets them excited and want to participate.

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