Amazon and Disney: Their Unstoppable Growth

The growth of a brand can come down to too many things but in the end, it all depends on the technology they use for their business. Amazon and Disney are two companies that have continued to grow because of the way they use today’s technological advancements. In the end, they use this technology to provide a better experience for their customers through a variety of ways, sometimes through faster check-outs or faster delivery times. The technology that they use has not only contributed to their growth in market share but also in brand recognition and loyalty. These companies have added numerous features to their apps and physical locations that have made the lives of their customers more convenient.

Disney’s Technology

If you’re a bit of a history buff, then you will know that Disney has always used technology ahead of its time to create a stronger brand. Snow White became the first animated feature film in the world. No one had ever made something like it. It changed the way movies could be made. Today, Disney does more than just make movies and theme parks. However, they have continued to use technology to strengthen their brand. For example, customers are now able to check out of their stores by paying on their phones. Once they do, they just need to show the receipt to the store employee by the door to confirm all items and you can walk right out. Disney also sells devices called magic bands that serve as a room key, payment method, and park ticket.

Mobile Checkout Now Available and Coming Soon to More Walt Disney World and  Disneyland Resort Shops - WDW News Today

Amazon’s Technology

            One of Amazon’s most recognizable qualities is that it can deliver your items to your door in 2 days. All you need is a membership. This saves people money on shipping costs. Following the success of their shipping method, they moved on to creating an option called “1-Click” that allows customers to check out in a matter of seconds. They began to use technology to expand into different sectors as well. They opened supermarkets that don’t require cashiers. The customer simply needs to scan a QR Code on their Amazon app, the store monitors whatever they grab, and they can walk out as soon as they’re done.

1-Click - Wikipedia

The purpose of technology is to improve the lives of a society. If a brand were to use this to better the services they provide, then they are creating a huge advantage for themselves. Amazon and Disney have grown because they have made the lives of their customers easier. They can pay for their items quicker and receive their items faster without having to pay a huge shipping price. They use technology to execute their customer-focused strategies. Their brand puts a lot of attention on finding new and creative ways to better the experiences that customers have with them. A company that thinks about how to use technology to make the lives of their customer better, will grow in many ways, especially when it comes to customer loyalty.

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