A Great Place to Start: Building Experience in Marketing

You do not always need to be employed in a marketing agency to prove to potential employers and customers that you are an experienced marketer. If you need to build up your credibility, then you need to conduct your own projects. Instagram and YouTube and two social media platforms that are perfect to conduct these types of projects. You will also need to choose the right subject, as well as have a marketing goal in mind. If you have learned many marketing concepts and strategies in school or in your free time, always keep them in mind when completing these projects.

How I Gained Experience

            When I began to conduct my own projects, I had in mind that I wanted to become a social media marketer. This led me to conduct my first project on Instagram. It is a very popular platform, and countless businesses are using it to expand and create more brand awareness, as well as learn more about their customers. Thanks to the insights that come with having a business account, I was able to learn a lot about the people that I was reaching out to. I was receiving key insights about their age, gender, and the time that they would look at my account the most. These were only a few analytical results that were provided to me. This began to give me an idea as to how much money I should spend and what demographics I should be reaching out to.

https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/how-to-use-instagram-insights (Links to an external site.)

How To Conduct Your Experiment

            Creating a marketing plan is the most important step in these projects. Remember, you need to prove that you are a competent marketer, this means taking the time to formulate a plan. Before that, you should choose a subject. Meaning, choose what you want to market. It could be something you are interested in, like movie reviews or skateboards, or maybe you want to be a foodie. Create an account dedicated to that subject and use it for your project. I suggest you keep your goal simple like gaining more comments on your posts. You should also choose the right social media platform. I always suggest starting with Instagram since it does not require constant video content. Lastly, allocate some money for the project. It does not have to be thousands of dollars on your first try, not even hundreds. Do not go overboard unless you have been hired to do a job and have talked about a budget. Never do a project without planning out your costs and setting a budget.

https://blog.hootsuite.com/youtube-analytics/ (Links to an external site.)

A good marketer is not made from simply working at a marketing agency. It comes from having experience and putting it to good use. If you hope to work for a company with a strong brand or have your own business, you need to start somewhere. These projects will give you experience, and you could even help other businesses succeed.

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