A Customer’s Loyalty: It Can Be Bought

When I first started learning about marketing, I learned that a good business is always helping the customer or potential customer, from the research phase to the post-purchase phase. Once I began to work in business, I was able to put a lot of these lessons to the test and saw just how beneficial it is to be there for the customer, from beginning to end. Understanding that a customer’s journey does not end with a purchase is crucial in gaining their loyalty and encouraging them to spread positive word of mouth. The customer journey has many steps following the purchase, that if done correctly, can motivate them to become repeat customers.


This is the part where a business will have to make itself known. This is where marketers need to focus on creating brand awareness. Brand awareness should not only tell people what the company does, but what it has to offer. If you sell clothing, provide emphasis on delivery time or free delivery if you can provide that. Provide your target audience with the information they need to get to know you. You can do this via social media, email marketing, or even a cold call. Static image Ads as posts or banners can also contribute towards the spread of any necessary information.

Customer Loyalty Is the Key Measurement for Success


            The purchasing phase has many aspects that can create a positive customer experience. People like to purchase from websites that are easy to use. Just look at amazon, their one-click checkout has been revolutionary in the e-commerce business. Customers would also like to have the proper help, should they have difficulties. This is where customer service kicks in. Having employees that are competent, friendly, and patient, is necessary to provide a good experience to a customer. Problems can sometimes arise, and if a customer needs to get in touch, an employee should always be there to guide them and provide any help they might need.

The Consumer Decision Making Process explained! | Marketing Theories -  YouTube



            This is where a customer knows that once they make a purchase, it is not all over. A purchase should typically be followed up. An automatic email can be sent requesting that they leave a review or talk about the product or if they have any suggestions that can help the company improve its service. The point of this is to make the customer know that their thoughts and concerns are valued. Should a customer need help with a certain product, they should easily be able to contact the right people or department for help. A request for a positive review should also be made.

Creating loyalty and encouraging positive word of mouth comes from creating a positive experience for the customer. Customers are more likely to return if they know that they have been taken care of throughout their buying process.

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